Comprehensive Primary Family Medical Care 

banne3CPFMCNY opened its doors in September 2010. After years offering his services as a Primary Care Physician to different Healthcare institutions public and private in NY Dr. Louis decided to open his private solo practice in Far Rockaway, NY. His purpose or goal was to be able to bring his personal touch and experience in caring for his patients without the pressure or the rush to see a lot of patients and putting “Quantity” before “Quality” of care. He started part time 3-4 hours a day in his solo practice but since July 2016 he made the choice to focus more on his practice and make his vision become reality.

The Slogan of the practice is “Healthy People make Happy Families”. As a Board certified Family Physician, Dr. Louis believes that taking care of a patient is more than managing diseases or doing preventive medicine separately but he sees his patient as a “whole and complex entity”. That is why he has a more comprehensive and integrated approach. Listening to his/her patient, understanding the family dynamics, the psychosocial environment or stressors help him establish a doctor-patient relationship and foster a teamwork commitment which usually get the patient and the family more involved in the patient’s own care and most of the time bring faster improvement and better outcome. The patient becomes with the support of his family, part of the treatment team and not the person being treated only.

Conditions Treated:

• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• High Cholesterol
• Asthma
• Osteoarthritis
• Seasonal Allergy
• Upper Respiratory Infections

Insurances Accepted