Tests & Procedures

In Office Tests & Proceedures

1. Spirometry test for patients with Lung diseases like Asthma, COPD

2. EKG and Holter Monitor for patient with chest pain, irregular or abnormal heart beats

3. ABI to evaluate patients with lower extremities circulation problems or related symptoms.

4. Sudomotor test for patients with cardiovascular diseases or risk factors like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlidemia to evaluate microcirculation and nerves damages.

5. Digital Pulse Analysis (DPA) for patients with cardiovascular diseases or risk factors like explained above to assess Blood vessel elasticity and biological age, heart rate variability and the Autonomous Nervous System ( ANS ).

6. Metabolic test to evaluate the metabolic rate or metabolism of the patient and advise on Calories count and weight loss.

7. Exalenz/Breath Id: a breath test system to check for gastric infection with H. Pylori bacteria in people with stomach pain and burning. Such infection if not treated can cause inflammation of your stomach like Gastritis or Ulcer and put you at risk in the long term to develop stomach cancer

8. Rapid test for FLU

9. Rapid test for Strep throat

10. Rapid pregnancy test

11. Rapid tests for diabetes screening (Glucose Finger stick) and monitoring (HgA1c), for Cholesterol panel.

12. Nebulizer treatment for acute Asthma attack.

13. Ear Irrigation for cerumen (wax) impaction or “clogged ear”

14. Flu vaccination

DPA Machine (Digital Pulse Analysis)

Sudomotor Machine

BreathID (Breath Test System)

ABI Machine

Lab & Blood Drawing Room

Triage & Test Room